Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The plant stand has been a wonderful investment and I recommend it to any container plant enthusiast who can't say no to another potted plant. The plants already look healthier and happier and I wouldn't be surprised if it may help prevent fungal outbreaks since there is more air circulation now. Plus, my patio is appreciating the Plant Stands since the pots have left ugly rings on the concrete that I now need to pressure wash off. By the way, the stands would look wonderful inside in front of a window as well...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Lacy scrolls in a verdigris-style finish comprise this two-tier plant stand. A graceful addition for indoors or out; shelves securely hold two of your favorite plants! Metal. (Plants and pots not included). 9 1/4" x 28" high.


The perfect accent to my newly built patio was this PATIO PLANT STAND. I was looking for something affordable and stylish to display my many plants on the patio. This wonderful plant stand fulfilled so many of my wants that I was looking for in a plant stand. It fits my decorating style, holds multiple plants at once, and also withstands the wear and tear of the weather by being metal. This PATIO PLANT STAND is a must for all plant lovers out there who love to display their plants.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Growing a garden can be easy but when it comes to decorating it how u want that can sometimes be the hard part. My garden at home was nice but it was missing something i didn't what until i went by a friends house and she had this TWO TIER PLANT STAND and it was love at first site. Now i can't go without them.